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Get a cash loan right now with bad credit and no hassles, guaranteed! You are in a hurry and need cash now and not next week. This is why we accept and process your loan application immediately and give you an answer fast! 10 weeks to 3 months to repay.

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24 hour “No Worries” Guarantee

Aucashloan does not want you to go from a short term financial problem to a long term debt, this is why we offer a 24 hour no risk guarantee. if you change your mind for any reason after receiving your loan and return the cash within 24 hours, there’s nothing extra to pay

Completely Online

Our fast online loan process is designed with your convenience in mind. All the way from the application to getting cash, everything is handled completely online without paperwork.

Easy Qualifications

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and your have a regular income and a bank account, you are eligible to quickly apply online today and possibly get cash today.

No Credit Checks

You read that right! There are no credit checks in order to get a loan with us. We base our credit decisions on your more recent financial history and not mistakes from the distant past.

Hassle Free

We understand that you are not here because you want to be. Our commitment to you is to help you get a loan as fast as possible without wasting your time so you can get on with life!


You can apply and be approved for a loan anytime 24/7 even on weekends and holidays. Depending on your bank, it could be the next business day before you get your cash though.


You need cash fast. We allow you to apply for up to $2000 online without any paperwork or hoops to jump through. It is possible to apply today and get your cash in as little as 12 minutes!

What Is A Cash Loan?

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What’s the difference between cash loans and payday loans?

A cash loan is a type of financing for short term needs. This product has a pay back taken over several instalments as opposed to payday loans that must be repaid on the borrower’s next pay cycle. These instalments help ensure that you can actually afford to pay back your loan without incurring further hardships.

Cash loans can be used for a variety of different things but we recommend you only apply if you are having a serious money problem that can’t wait any longer. More debt is rarely the answer to financial difficulties and should be avoided when possible.

You can use your loan proceeds in any way you see fit. Need to take your dog to the vet? Yep, you can do that! Behind on the rent? Get caught up with a short term loan! Could you use the money for a date night or similar special occasion? Yes, but we would highly encourage you to not take a loan for this non emergency type of need.

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Better Than Payday Loans

A loan utilizing Aucashloan is a much better alternative to payday loans for most people in need of short term cash. When you are in the position of needing money today for an emergency expense, it would seem obvious that having to pay back the full amount on your next payday could cause you even more harm. This is why our instant online instalment loans give you up to 3 months to repay.